19 February 2019

Using Desmos in a Physics Classroom

Why you should use Desmos in your science classroom

You have probably come across the graphing calculator app Desmos sometime in the recent past.  It is a simple to use program that does a lot more than graph. Students can use it to get solutions to algebraic equations, do linear regression analysis, look at probability/statistics scenario, and just play with math.  You can get really creative if you want.

At, Desmos has taken this great tool and given teachers a way to effectively guide and monitor students in their learning.  The team at Desmos has also created a community willing to share their creations.  This forum is not adequate to give even a cursory primer in making and using the activities, so I have links to activities I have made as well as ones written by others I have found useful.  You can learn a lot just by exploring these and by looking at the many examples at

Hints on using in a typical physics classroom

This is an activity that gives an overview of the tools available to students using the main Desmos app. 
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One person walk

This is an activity I use when students are still learning how to do linear regression analysis on data and how to use that equation to make predictions.  It also uses some advanced tools that allow data entered in one screen to be used in another screen.
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Two person walk

This activity expands on the "One person walk".  I use it to emphasize the inferiority of "distance" as a measurement compared to "position".  
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Feed the shark

This activity I use to allow students to demonstrate mastery of projectile motion analysis.
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Virtual Forces in Equilibrium Lab

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Linearization of data using Desmos

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Using Trigonometry with Lasers and Mirrors

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Some Mathematically oriented activities

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  1. I like your Desmos activities, particularly the 2 walkers meeting and "Feed The Shark". Thank you!